Results (GCSE 2023)

Heathcote celebrated some great grades this year, with a range of results including Phoebe with seven 9s plus one 8 and one 7, along with Mollie achieving four 9s, five 8s and a 7. The school is proud of the effort and determination shown by the whole cohort this year.

Headteacher Ms Close said;

“I am so proud of all the Year 11 pupils today. It was such a lovely occasion to have so many parents share and celebrate in their child’s success.

As I am sure you’ll be aware from all the media around this year’s exam that results will be back in line with those seen in 2019 or pre-pandemic and that is what we have seen at Heathcote. Overall 66% of pupils have gained 4+ in English and Maths which is a very pleasing result for our pupils and has meant that so many pupils have achieved the grades they need to access the courses for their next pathways and are remaining with us.

Once again our English department have help our pupils achieve incredible results with 81% of our pupils gaining a 4+ and 62% gaining a 5+ in English. We have achieved above national in Art, Dt, English and Maths.

We have had so many outstanding results with Phoebe Lott achieving seven grade 9s and one grade 8 & 7 and Mollie Hutton achieving four grades 9 and five grade 8s. You can see more of these successes in this newsletter.

I am proud of all our pupils and hope that they can now relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.”

Pupils were equally delighted, making the following statements;

“I feel amazing!” Yu Xuan Wang

“I have achieved better than I thought I would! I am so happy.” Lakshanyaa Nithikaran

“I feel great. I worked really hard for these results and I am so pleased.” Tegan Cockerell

“I am so pleased. I hope I have done my teachers proud. I worked so hard, every day, for these results.” Phoebe Lott

“This is so unexpected. I didn’t think I would get the 9s in the subjects that I did.” Mollie Hutton

“I am so pleased. I am over the moon! I didn’t think I would get this!” Teddy Goldie

“I am so excited. I am relieved that I achieved these grades. I am excited for my next steps.” Bernice Pompa

“I am so happy. I am excited to study here next year.” Zain Faisal

“I feel elated. The results justify all of the hard work I put in. It was worth it.” Alex Anderson

“I feel overwhelmed. I am excited about my future.” Dilek Mehmed

“So happy! I did it!” Charlotte Stainsby

“I feel relieved. I have done it!” Lucy Stanway

Many of the pupils will be continuing their journey at Heathcote’s Sixth Form, which celebrated a range of successes with their A-level results the previous week, including two pupils who have been offered placements at Cambridge University