School Priorities

Our School Priorities for 2023-2024 are as follows:

Quality of Education Priorities

To ensure that curriculums are ambitious and challenging to empower all pupils to achieve their potential at all key stages.

To deliver high quality teaching in every classroom, every day.

All staff to improve outcomes for all pupils, especially HAPs, SEND, PP at KS4 and KS5.

To improve literacy and numeracy levels for all pupils.

To ensure data, assessment and feedback is accurate, purposeful and diagnostic to support teachers and pupils leading to narrowing gaps.

Behaviour, Attendance and Personal Development Priorities

To continue to improve pupil attendance and punctuality to school and lessons.

To ensure that staff and pupils’ wellbeing and mental health are equally considered and supported.

To implement a curriculum offer that gives a range of opportunities and experiences to all pupils.

To create a safe, calm and positive environment for all.

To establish a culture of inclusivity that celebrates diversity and creates an equitable experience for all.

Leadership and Management

Leaders, at all levels, are empowered to be responsible and proactive to drive whole school improvement.

All stakeholders are responsible and resourceful in reducing the school deficit by year end without compromising pupil experiences or outcomes.