Here at Heathcote School & Science College, Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) is an essential element of our curriculum. The CEIAG programme is designed to be progressive from Year 7 through to Year 13, and helps students to make well informed decisions at key times in their educational and career pathway.

Our robust and stable careers programme is impartial, assisting learners to link the skills and knowledge they acquire in the classroom, to the wider world of learning, training and work. We work hard to challenge stereotypes and common misconceptions to break down barriers, inspiring all of our students to consider a broad range of career opportunities across a variety of industries. We encourage ‘Career Curiosity’, challenging them to explore the many and varied pathways that can lead them towards their chosen field. If they are unsure or feel worried about what their future job might look like, that’s ok too! The Careers programme will support pupils to become more self-aware and reflective, aiding them to identify their interests, strengths, skills and talents. We want all of our pupils to feel happy and confident in their decisions, developing solid career management skills throughout their journey with us so that when the time comes to leave us, they have made aspirational and realistic choices not only suited to their needs, but to those of the ever-changing Labour Market.

Our CEIAG programme is designed to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks and aligns with the CDI Career Development Framework. The programme is regularly reviewed and evaluated, with feedback collected from students, parents/carers, school staff and external stakeholders. We are always interested to hear from organisations and businesses that would like to get involved in supporting our school, and we welcome partnerships that will build, develop and improve upon our current careers provision.  There are many ways you can help Heathcote pupils to realise their potential and pursue the right career path for them. In fact, the more professionals and businesses we can involve in our careers programme the better! The more ‘real life’ encounters we are able to offer to pupils, the more we open their eyes to the world of opportunities available to them in the future. Here are just a few of the ways you could get involved:

  • Employability Skills Workshops: Perhaps you can help to support pupils and offer advice on what constitutes a professional looking CV, help them to develop their ‘soft skills’ and interview techniques, or give them some guidance on how to complete an application form that makes them stand out from the crowd?
  • Careers Talks: Could you offer our pupils an insight into a particular career pathway in the form of a talk or presentation? Can you use your knowledge and expertise to dispel myths or preconceived ideas, sharing inspirational stories about why you love the work you do? As a specialist in your field, you are best placed to give a realistic account and offer insider tips on what pupils could be doing now, to prepare themselves for their future.
  • Workplace Visits/Insight Days: Could you offer our pupils the opportunity to come and visit your organisation to find out about your industry and the jobs and career pathways on offer? Providing “a day in the life” type experience can enable pupils to better understand the variety of roles available within an organisation. Opening the doors to your business can open young people’s eyes to a world of the potential roles they never even knew existed!  
  • Mentoring:  Perhaps you would be prepared to meet with pupils on a regular basis to help them with their focus and motivation by demonstrating how linking a strong work ethic and positive approach to academic studies supports them to achieve their future goals and aspirations?
  • Work Shadowing or Work Experience Placements: We are always keen to hear from businesses that could support pupils to access in person work experience. This opportunity allows students to gain a real understanding of what it’s like to go work and develop valuable employability skills.
  • Alumni Talks: Are you ‘one of our own’? If so, would you like to come back and inspire the next generation of Heathcote pupils by talking to them about your learning and career journey so far? We are growing our Alumni network and have recently created a LinkedIn page for this purpose. Connect here at:

If you would like to get involved in supporting Heathcote pupils in any way then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Sita Bashal, RCDP & Careers Coordinator, at