SEND and Deaf Support

We are very proud to be an inclusive school and providing good support for pupils with additional needs is an integral, to the educational experience we provide. We have one of the highest number of pupils with an EHCP within the borough at a mainstream school which is reflective of families choosing us based on our reputation as well as our team being proactive in obtaining EHCPs for pupils. We have a large SEND team based on a year team model whereby we have a HLTA and a team of TAs working with each year group. This helps develop positive relationships with pupils, allows these staff to gain in depth knowledge of their pupils needs, as well as being able to deploy appropriate support.

We have formed good working relationships with local professional organisations to maximise specialist support for our pupils with SEND. As well as some pupils having access to in class TA support, we also offer a range of SEND specific interventions with the aim of narrowing the gap in pupil progress.

Our school also commissions regular in-school support from the local Educational Psychologist Services and SALT support from Learning Talking. We also are host to the borough wide specialist resourced provision for deaf learners (For pupils with an EHCP who are deaf).
More information can be found in the documents below. If you have any further queries please contact our SENDCO, Ms Jessica Overare.


Our Deaf Support Department Provision

The Deaf Support Department (DSD) currently caters for sixteen pupils, aged 11-18. Each student has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) associated with an educationally significant hearing loss. All pupils in the DSD wear personal hearing instruments for a total communication approach. These include hearing aids or cochlear implants. Heathcote School has a SoundField system in 50 classes and thus DSD students have access to Radio Aids to support listening and learning.

We aim to enable all our deaf pupils to achieve to the best of their abilities, academically, socially and emotionally, by providing access to a high-quality learning environment.

All the pupils have been identified as requiring support from DSD staff (Teachers of the Deaf, Specialist Support Teachers and Communication Support Workers) to help access the mainstream curriculum through total communication methods. If required, BSL support can also be arranged. These pupils get in-lesson support in a variety of subjects. This forms the basis for 1-to-1 pre-and-post-lesson tutoring sessions. These sessions are designed to accommodate extra, structured learning which mirrors the mainstream curriculum.

DSD pupils are integrated into Heathcote School, are members of mainstream tutor groups and are supported appropriately. DSD has a structured key worker program with daily contact. The aim of this is to support the pupils both academically and emotionally. Example sessions include, academic recapping, homework support or discussions regarding current affairs (to develop Speech and Language skills). The department has links with various professionals to aid in the complete development of its pupils.  These include Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Audiology Technicians.

The DSD has a moral responsibility to monitor the needs of deaf pupils who do not have an EHCP. This comes in the form of monitoring audiology equipment, highlighting deaf friendly strategies to teachers and offering advice to parents.

Mr MonksfieldDSD (Lead QTOD)omonksfield@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk0208 498 5110 Ext 108
Ms MattisonBSL instructorpmattison@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk0208 498 5110 Ext 108
Ms ByrneLead CSW (Communication Support Worker)hbyrne@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk0208 498 5110 Ext 108
Ms RussellLead CSW (Communication Support Worker)jrussell@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk0208 498 5110 Ext 108