Behaviour Policy and Pupil Expectations      

At Heathcote School, we expect high standards of positive behaviour, both in school and out in the community. We believe that good behaviour underpins success and pupils can only reach their potential if the standard of their behaviour is consistently high, and if learning is not disrupted by the negative behaviour of others.

With this in mind, our rewards serve to recognise and positively reinforce your child’s good behaviour and the sanctions serve as a consequence if our expectations are not met. As members of the Heathcote community, we believe that your child should understand that there are always consequences associated with good and bad behaviour.

We do not allow disruption to learning and do operate a lesson removal system where pupils are placed in our Internal Exclusion Unit (IEU) for disrupting a  lesson on more than two occasions.

Please make sure you read our Behaviour Policy on the school website. This is currently being updated so we have our current behaviour policy and a draft of the proposed new behaviour policy for you to view.

Please see our latest Behaviour Policy hereBehaviour Policy 23.24

  • To create a culture of exceptionally good behaviour: for learning, for community and for life.
  • To help learners take control over their behaviour and be responsible for the consequences of it and celebrate those who do so.
  • To ensure that excellent behaviour is a minimum expectation for all.
  • To ensure that all stakeholders are treated fairly, shown respect and to promote good relationships.
  • To build a community that values kindness, respect and empathy for others.
  • To enable all pupils including those with SEN and disabilities to thrive in an inclusive ethos and firm and fair approach.
The Three Rs

At Heathcote School our behaviour expectations are underpinned by our belief that our pupils should always be READY, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE.